Succes’s Quotations By Prof.Zainudin Moch

15 Jan

Succes’s Quotations By Prof.Zainudin Moch

1. Winners believe they can change, progress and improve, losers think otherwise
2. Winners see light in darkness, losers see only darkness
3. Winners are self-disciplined, losers self-indulgent
4. Winners are never embarrassed to seek others help, losers have second thoughts seeking help
5. Winners see problems as a challenge, losers as a burden
6. Winners preserve despite defeal, losers entertain defeat
7. Winners are non-conformists, losers are conformists
8. Winners says “I can”, losers says “I can’t”.
9. Winners have time to think, losers are lazy to think
10.Winners think and act, loser act and think

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