Story About Me, In New Zealand

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Story About Me, In New Zealand

nzlis1I remembered when we were in Bogor I hoped that we can be faster to go to New Zealand. But the tarining was fun too.
When it was the time to go to New Zealand it was like doubt for have a live in the other country, and then I asked my self like “ I can live there better like here or not?” hmm I don’t know, but then I made a lovely daydream for make the best experience. In the airport was so so long wait for eveything, it was like check this here then check that there, yea that cause we were in a group, so that made me very bored.
In the plane I just watched the movies so that I cant felt this trip will be so long, after we were in Sydney my heart was like ohh can we look around this Sydeny city for a few of our time please, cause I know that this place have a cool view too, haha. But the transit was not long so that I didn’t feel bored.
The trip from Sydney to Wellington not so far and when it was almost in Wellington the landscape very cool. The sea, the green land, the mountain side, and I like a cartoon which is about a family of sheep in the farm its called Shaun The Sheep (they are cute, naughty, cool, and big lol for that catroon).
And next, welcome to Wellington then after exit from the airport the weather was cold. And when its time in Palmerston North it became colder. Wow breeze. Off from the bus we submitted to our homestayed parents, and the one which made me shock because my name was the first called for the girls. I placed in Daysh family’s. They’ve got a daughter who was the same old with me and she’s a lovely girl.
At school, Awatapu College was wide enough. Here I got a friend who also my buddy as long as I will be here, her name’s Paige Duncan she is a kind girl. Here, I got the math class, english class, japanese class, nutrition class, sport class, social class, sewing class, and science class. And I placed in Sheppard family’s in this school.

In math class, after tested I should be in year 11 but exactlly I must be placed in year 9. Actually the lesson was not quite hard, but I just wanna put where I supposed to be, and I just wanted to put with my friends the students year 9 who was kind person and they were really like kids which they were supposed to be. Finally I thought that I wanna change this class to be in year 9. At lunch time I reported to Mrs. Matthews to placed me in year 9.
In english class, this is my favorite class. Because my boy friend who was cute and naughty and we both love basketball. We also met at B&M when there was a match 3 on 3 between my sister Madi vs Awatapu’s student, and he was play.
Japanese class, I chose this class because I’ve got this lesson too in my school SMA TT. Honestly I won’t to be in this class, but I just wanted to report to my sensei about the different between the sensei teach in this school and in my school. I was happy in this class, because we were all confused and we must to learn this language better.

Cooking was a big trouble in my eyes. One reason why I chose boarding school because I won’t to help my mother in the kitchen, for cook. But after I tried to learn about it, it was simple to cook some food.
Sports, was a great place between all the lesson and the games can make my body warmer. But some kind of the sport make me didn’t understand how to play especially rugby and to catched this oval ball was quite hard and its ball look so weird then the other ball but it is unique.
nzlis4Social, I guess I like the lesson especially for the geographic. The teacher just gave me the book map so then I opened the page of Britain Island map. Because I thought that this island got the very unique builds and its classic. Also the Britain was a very kind people, best of the best educations and economics, and the very beautiful landscape.
Textile, I have to learn about sewing when I was in scout. But it was not using the machine. Here, for the first time I tried to use the sewing machine. And I’ve got a good test, yey. And the product from this lesson was a small bag.
Science, the most favorite and I think this one also the most important lesson, especially I love physics. But in this class we got more to the biology. But I don’t like biology. So I just followed the lesson. And I liked to be here because the teacher seldom showed us the unique videos about science in our live.
The story in the homestay, until now I just fine. I like Daysh family’s because they are good to me. They also care of me. And the most importan thing that their life related about the sport. The mother was a teacher in Awatapu, and the daughter was school in Tu Toa which is a sport school.
I have to go to the B&M, when they asked me what sport did you do. Then I said I like basketball and just can play that game. And I played that game.
And one day I got a lear about how to throw the rugby ball. It was so weird and I got the fingers shock when I catched that touch ball. Until the end of the lear we got tired but I just can’t spin the touch ball when I throw it. (Lisa Salwinsah)

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3 responses to “Story About Me, In New Zealand

  1. M Habibie Lukta Putra

    7 Desember 2012 at 4:37 am

    bah keren bah .. tapi gk ngerti bahasa ny hahahaha ..
    saran ni bah buat blog ny “ada baik ny di buat sitemap bah .
    soal ny abah udh banyak tu postinganny/halaman .. biar gk makan tempat jauh ke bawah seperti skrng .. hehehe .
    terus setiap postingan di beri Readmore bah . biar gk terlalu panjang waktu di buka blog utama ny. haha ”
    Salam blogger bah ..

    • salwintt

      21 Agustus 2015 at 10:28 pm

      wassalam boleh, boleh, ajari tapi y hehehe

  2. james owen sullivan

    23 Maret 2013 at 4:14 pm

    keep posting, sir !


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